• Shirley Stephens in front of her Nashville home

    Saying Goodbye Is So Hard

    I am heartbroken with the loss of my friend, my neighbor and of someone I considered family. I never saw the color of her skin and I never felt angry with her despite the things we sometimes disagreed on. I loved Shirley for who she was, she was strong, intelligent, tenacious and intelligent. I will forever remember my favorite neighbor….Ms Shirley.

  • Galaxy Covid mask
    Self Help,  Vulnerability

    I Am Nobody

    As we end this crazy year I thought I would share what I have discovered from 2020. In a nutshell, my takeaway is that, “I am nobody.” I have felt invisible for a long time but this year I have had the time to understand why this has become my belief with 55 years on this earth.  A terrible tornado tore through Nashville, a pandemic caused a lockdown the week of my birthday, a fight for equality created anger across the country as did politics and a bomb went off just miles from where I live. These are only a few of the things that have happened, they all enhanced…

  • Campfire while camping on Bear Island on Percy Priest lake in Nashville, TN
    Self Help

    A New Mantra For Strength

    I recently spent my Labor Day camping on an island with a few close friends and my pup. I have been so busy rearranging my life since our world changed in March that I haven’t been able to unplug, clear my head or relax. The time away in the beauty of nature was really good for my soul. I am not a hard core camping kind of person. I prefer running water, hot showers and a bug free environment but I do love being outdoors. While off on a small lake island, nature helped in finding my new mantra for strength.  I quietly admired the sounds of the waves gently…

  • Love art book
    Self Help

    Live A Better Life Everyday

    I am so ready for 2020 to be over, I am sure I am not the only one. Since Covid hit in March, my life has been shaken up with all kinds of difficult emotions. Living life has become a challenge and I want my life to be better. I am attempting to connect with how I am feeling on the inside when I am down rather than numbing which is a much easier option. I want to grow from this experience, moving forward I want to live a better life every day and stop wasting time. I don’t want to complain or say “I can’t wait for life to…

  • Vulnerability

    Fear In Artist From Pandemic

    It has been around 5 months since my world started to turn upside down. The Pandemic year of change from Covid-19 has touched every single person on this earth in some way. As an artist with no income, the need for change has created fear to survive and to save my business. My year started with excitement and hope early on but quickly went in a different direction. I was dating someone who had admitted his love for me in December, I had big plans to grow my business, to start some new creative projects, to teach a travel abroad class and to travel with another business as a possible…


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