On this Memorial day 2009 the things in my life I AM GRATEFUL FOR are:

The holiday week has been productive yet depressing.  I cleaned the house inside and out and feel I was able to get a lot accomplished.  Memorial Day weekend always reminds me of the marriage I could not make work, it marks the anniversary of that event and even though I do not focus on those 10 years of my past I always seem to be a bit cranky and distant.  Soooo I have to acknowledge that this is a holiday that should not be about me but rather those who put their lives on the line for my freedom.  To those men and women who have given and to those who have lost their lives for this country I am ever so grateful to you all.  That being said I have decided to post a list of personal things I am grateful for on this special day (my friend Amy V. does a weekly blog every Friday of the “The 10 things I love on this Friday” and I have to give her credit for the idea of this gratitude list)!

On this Memorial day 2009 the things in my life I AM GRATEFUL FOR are:

-completing yet one more thing around my house that brings me joy and closer to my perfect little castle.

-when my roommate downstairs breaks out in gut rolling laughter that resonates through the walls and floor to the point it makes me smile.

-kisses and hugs to and from my 90lb little angel Deisel each and every day.

-my amazingly beautiful, kind and loving family.

-a roof over my head, food in the fridge, good health and the most beautiful friends I have ever had in my life.

-breathing in and breathing out…life.

-my mom’s call every morning as she tells me of her plans for the day and ending the call with “I love you.”

-sleeping with the windows open and hearing the birds all night singing their favorite song.

-randomly out of the blue sitting on the deck, grilling, having a beer or wine, laughing at the pup and sometimes my friends, talking about sex and men, listening to music and watching the perfect sunset from my own tree house with my three best friends in the world Deisel, CC and AV.

-when my gf highlights my hair at the house and after washing it and letting it dry without any effort hours later I look in the mirror and smile because I feel pretty.

-passing someone on the street who smiles at me for no reason.

-an afternoon nap in my comfy bed with a view, the sun spilling across the sheets, a cool breeze through the window and birds serenading.

-randomly finding out about a business mixer, anxiously appearing alone with out knowing anyone and leaving feeling like I just met some really cool new peeps!

-that call or email that locks in a job and fills my calendar with something I truly love to do and getting paid to do it!

-talking on the phone with my Dad and him ending the call with “I am proud of you baby and I love you!”

-smiling when I think of my grandmother even though she has been gone for 27 years and believing she is still with me and watching over me.

-as goofy as it sounds….my facebook newsfeed because it is about my favorite people, what they are up to and reminds me that we are alive and breathing!

-driving with the windows down on a beautiful sunny day blasting my favorite song.

-meeting a stranger at the mapco up the street and giving them something I listed on craigslist in exchange for cash!

-all those I have lost who touched me in ways that will last a life time in my mind through their memory.

-those who serve this country, who believe in freedom and understand the importance of what they are doing.

-remembering something about Todd that makes me smile….then cry…then say out loud “I love you Todd Garrett and I miss you so much!”

I am grateful….

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.


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