Campfire while camping on Bear Island on Percy Priest lake in Nashville, TN
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A New Mantra For Strength

I recently spent my Labor Day camping on an island with a few close friends and my pup. I have been so busy rearranging my life since our world changed in March that I haven’t been able to unplug, clear my head or relax. The time away in the beauty of nature was really good for my soul. I am not a hard core camping kind of person. I prefer running water, hot showers and a bug free environment but I do love being outdoors. While off on a small lake island, nature helped in finding my new mantra for strength. 

I quietly admired the sounds of the waves gently stroking the shoreline and the singing cicadas in the trees. I watched my dog bring rock after rock from the lake to the water’s edge and took in each sunset and sun rise with a feeling of gratitude. I enjoyed the company of a few friends at a safe social distance, the laughing, the food and the crackling of the campfire. It was as if time stood still as the experience freed up my thoughts with some clarity I have been seeking in this time of chaos.

After the past few months of fighting negativity, my time in nature helped me realize I have to do better with changing my thoughts and shifting my mood, especially in moments of worry and sadness. While lying in my tent I realized I needed a mantra of strength I could use when I found myself in a negative space. Something I could say or think in an instant that could offer a shift toward strength and positive thought. It had to be believable to me and I had to feel its power. What kept running through my mind was “let go, let God.” I know this is not original but this is what came to me and will be my new mantra for strength moving forward. As someone who tends to over analyze and question everything as well as struggle with self worth, I am in a constant battle with myself. My hope now is that with any thought of negativity I will say these simple words and trust in something bigger. 

This year has brought me closer to God and is slowly allowing my fear and worry to be filled with a sense of trust. This mantra will help me hold on to that trust but trust alone will not change my life. I have to put an effort into living a better life. I know that I need to stay focused on my path ahead and believe that things will get better. Rather than focus on the negativity of what I can’t do, I have to shift my thoughts to what I can do and to acknowledge how this time of change has offered an opportunity for better things ahead. 

My time camping softened my heart and opened my mind up to some of the things I have been doing wrong. I have to be more kind to myself because never in my lifetime have I experienced this kind of isolation. I have to stop wishing for what was in the past and focus on what I have right now. I have the opportunity to do amazing things in this time of change, I just have to believe that those things are possible. 

Living with a constantly busy schedule and believing there is never enough time, all of a sudden I have all the time I need to become whatever I desire. With this slowdown I need to be aware of both my conscious and subconscious thinking because both are powerful with my path moving forward. I find all of this so fascinating and I really want to dig in because I want to be a better person.

My disconnect from my devices while camping was nice and very much needed. I have become so tired of the anger, arguing and negativity that has continuously played out over social media. I try to disconnect as much as possible but being a business owner and needing to feel connected offers a constant challenge of balance. I am guilty of comparing myself to others, blaming myself for bad choices and allowing the negativity to affect me internally, most of which is a direct result of being connected.

While I know this mantra I have discovered won’t make things instantly easier, better or less challenging, just thinking the words “let go, let God” and learning to trust seems to be helping. As I make baby steps forward to the new me that lies ahead the only challenge I truly have is keeping my thoughts positive, staying strong and trusting in something bigger. What a great micro awakening I have had with the help and healing powers of nature. 

I would love to know what you are doing to move forward in these crazy times. How are you staying positive and what keeps you grounded from the negativity?

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.

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