Are you sitting on the fence of change…if so do you have your list?

My life is constantly changing and I use to fight the change but now I am open to it and it excites me.  For years I knew I needed to work on my lack of self love because I felt that it was the main reason for making the wrong choices with choosing certain unhealthy friendships and relationships.  Over the last year and a half, due to many life changing events, I have worked very hard to learn to forgive, to heal my past, to except my choices and to love myself.  Most importantly to forgive and to love those of my past no matter what the history. I have relinquished my control over the things I have never really had control of in the first place and I now allow my life from this point forward to be guided by spirit. By doing this I am allowing life to guide me by trusting that all that comes into my world is there because of the way I think, because I love myself and pass that on to others, because I want to give back and because I trust that my higher power will guide me where I am supposed to go in order to fulfill my purpose in this lifetime.

I have written list of what I would like in my life, what I wanted it to look like, and I have carefully written affirmations that apply to my needs not only for what I want but what I want to change.  Amazingly in the past few months my life has become extremely happy, fulfilled and abundant.  Everything in my life feels different and a year ago I would have never believed I could be where I am today.  I have begun to run my business with less focus on money and more focus on what I enjoy, giving everything I can because I am grateful I am doing what I love and living my dreams.  I have gotten involved with charity events because I want to give back and I have given more of myself to those I love because I realize they will not be in my life forever and the time spent is so much more important than my own time spent alone.

Best of all I have met someone who fulfills my heart in a way I never thought possible. I truly believe that through patience and belief this person has come into my life because it is the perfect time for the both of us. For the first time in my life I feel like I connect with someone on a deeper more spiritual level and there is not one red flag.

I finally realize that we get what we give, no matter what- if we allow ourselves to love everyone, to give to others, to live without expectation and to believe that everything is perfect no matter what the outcome life becomes magically abundant. There are always lessons and there will always be times of sadness but I believe that if we see in between the lines when life is difficult we will realize that they are beautiful lessons. In time, with practice we will learn to always be grateful no matter what unfolds and with every day that passes our lives will become abundant.  I made a list over a year ago and now I can say that many of those items have become reality, line by line.  If you don’t believe it is possible it never will be, if you know anything is possible it all will be and if you are sitting on the fence what do you have to lose, make your own list and see what happens…..

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.


  • Penny

    Love your blog Sheri! Life really is a journey,and there are so many things you spoke of…that I identify with today, especially the “list” & focus on gratitude. You have great energy and an amazing generous smile. It feels good to just even be around you! Thank You for sharing this stuff. You’re awesome!

    • thinkingdiva

      Thank you Penny for your kind comment! My hope is always to share of myself in hopes of helping others. When people like yourself take the time to comment it helps me to know that people out there are reading and perhaps getting something positive out of my post! I have not posted as much as I should but when I do I try to make the most out if the post. Thank you again and please come back…..

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