Do you say "I love you" to those you feel you have love for? Read on and know I am sending you all love!

Today my best friend posted a blog about love (  What is strange is that the idea came to her after a facebook post went sour for her yesterday.  Some people got snippy because they were associated with the thread and they decided they didn’t want to receive the emails from the thread anymore.  Strange that a month or so ago I started some art pieces centered around the word love.  What is also weird to me is I planned on writing about love yesterday but went into a different place that was more introspective when posting.  So today I too will write about love but from the initial thought I had a few days ago…

Do you say “I love you” to those you feel you have love for?  If you are in a relationship or talking to a parent, your child or a sibling those words might come easy but what about the other people in your life who have great meaning to you but are not in that realm?  I have never had a hard time saying those words to my sister, my mom, my nephew, my dad or to a man I might have been with whom I loved.  But to say it to a girlfriend or a guy friend had never crossed my mind.  The feeling is there for those other special people but why does it seem more difficult to say those words to them?  If you were lying on your death bed and your best friends were there at your side I bet those words would come out easily!  This has been on my mind a lot because my best friend Amy V. is the one who spoke those words to me first many months ago and I have since pondered the lasting effects they have carried in not only my heart but in my thoughts toward those other important people in my life.  I have struggled first with just replying back to her, it is coming easier but now I am thinking how do I take this and spread the goodness.  After all if we all spoke how we felt with each other honestly, if we all said those words, wouldn’t it feel better knowing they knew just in case something happened and tomorrow you or they were no longer here.  And then there is the fact that just the act of speaking those words make you feel better, I believe we are here to love so why not say it?

Love is the primary force of our existence, without love there is no happiness.  When you love your family, your job, your life or any other thing it brings you joy and you are happy.  When others love you it brings you joy, makes you feel wanted, makes you feel connected.  The saddest part of this equation is knowing that there are people out there who can’t even say “I love you” to any one in their lives.  I believe this is usually passed down through the generations and they may not have ever felt love because they never received it. So here I am today in love.  Just loving everyone and sending love to all of you, sort of like the “Hug” guy from several years back.  I love my family, my friends, my home, my Deisel and my life.  I love people….all people and that includes you…with more love in this world life has to be better don’t you think?  Take the time right now to tell someone you love them, not just those who are easy to say it to but say it to someone who might be surprised.  Do that and I bet you will feel a little flutter you didn’t know was possible right there in the center of your chest…

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.


  • Amy V

    I Love you!!!!:)

    What a beautiful post, and it felt so good reading it. You know, I never even thought about that- how it feels to someone who might not be used to saying it to people other than family or lovers…

    I really am touched by your words and think this love you have spread here is gonna spread across the net:) I am gonna do my part to pass it on too.

    I love ya and I love Deisal too:)

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