Im in the drivers seat!

We are entering into the time of year I really love. The leaves are turning and there is a chill in the air. Makes me want to take a walk in the woods or snuggle up with someone special at a park. I miss the drive ends…when I was in High School this would be the perfect time of year to go to the drive in with a bunch of friends or just the guy I had a crush on, ok I liked the making out part too and still do. Snow skiing has entered my mind and I would love to plan a trip this year with a group of friends, it has been a while. Camping would also be fun right now with the cooler temperatures. And we can..t rule out football and hockey! I really have fallen in love with Tennessee over the past 5 years and although my roots are in Florida I feel this will be my home from here on out.

After all that has happened over the past few months, or years for that matter, there is a calmness that has come over me. I am enjoying my alone time and I have enjoyed the company of new friends. I am excited again about everything and I feel like I have the ability to have or create anything I want. Best of all I can totally be myself and don’t have to worry about being judged. I have let go of all the things that brought on negative feelings, stress or drama and life is good right now. If I cant make someone happy being myself then I need to let go and move on. The more positive people I have around me the happier I seem to feel. The more I think about moving forward the less I remember about the past. I don..t care to look back I would rather think as if it never happened. No hard feelings, no regrets just letting it go and moving forward. I recently finished reading a book called ..Beyond Positive Thinking.., I cant remember the Author right now but it was one of the most empowering books I have read to date. The funny thing is I went to the library to get a few art books and this one was just laying there, I saw it, read the title and checked it out. It is as if someone placed it there because they new it would enrich my life and it has. I have been reading a lot on metaphysics and I am discovering so many new ways to look at things. It is changing the way I think, the way I believe and life seem so much better for me right now. I guess more than anything I have slowed down and started doing more for me. There are a few new people in my life that have also enriched how I think, one in particular I am learning more about and having a great time.

Overall I am feeling really good and I am grateful for all the things I have. I am going to visit my family soon and really looking forward to that. I guess I am learning how simple life really is and how important it is to take the short amount of time we actually have here and use it the best way possible. Find happiness dont just take what comes. After all we really are in the drivers seat, we have a choice as to what roads we want to go down, if we want to turn around or if we want to ask for directions. We may break down once in a while but dont ever have any intentions of running out of gas, I dont! If you dont agree then I would like to know where you are in your life right now!

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.

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