An image from the flood that sparked an endeavor for hope…

The past  week here in Nashville I have been filled with fear, sadness, guilt and anger.  Friday night started with heavy rain and wind, a combination that always gets me nervous on this hill when there is worry of tornadoes.  For two days I was glued to the internet and tv watching as the water started to rise, mopping up the leaky windows and the creek that ran through my basement.  I was in fear that my home would be damaged but believed that this hill would save me from the fate so many have had to face, it did.  The fate of loosing every thing you have that you believe makes you, you.  I have felt sadness, I have cried every day and my heart has felt heavy with the images of what is and will be around us for a while.  I have felt guilt for the mere fact that I was spared and am so very fortunate that I still have a home, that my life will be back to normal much quicker than many.  And I was angered that the national news media like CNN did not seem to think this was newsworthy enough for more coverage.  They barely mentioned the water rising, the danger, the rescues or the struggles people were facing and we need outside awareness with hopes of donations for those who have lost everything.  Many of the people here did not have flood insurance and I fear that will be the worst part in the rebuilding of their lives.  The past day or two our complaints were met with apologies and we are NOW finally getting much more national coverage.

Through all of the emotions I have felt this week one has and will be with me through what ever lies ahead and that is love.  I love this city, I love the people here and with that love I will do what ever I can to help those who are in need.  Everyone is offering their time and money to help others, I have never seen such an outpouring of love amongst strangers.  I have donated the past two days to the Red Cross shooting PR for the the disaster relief efforts.  But Wednesday night as I laid in bed wondering how I could do something positive in this time of sadness, a single image online of a guitar sitting among the debris sparked an idea that I know will be a positive endeavor and will raise money for victims who lost everything.

As many of you know I have a soft heart for anything art related. Songwriting, music, photography, drawing, painting and mixed media are what I love and what I induldge in  when I am in need of an outlet.  I enjoy being around creative people and love any opportunity to bridge the gap of music and art.  At 7:30 AM Thursday I began putting my ideas into an email that I sent to 50 friends to see if they though it was worthy.  Four hours later it had been forwarded to more than 2000 people and climbing.  My idea is now in planning and I believe it is taking flight as we speak.  I will launch the details in the next few days,  it involves taking the musical items that are to be disposed of from the flood, distributing them to designated artist to be transformed into art which will then be sold and the proceeds will go to the flood victims.  I have had 100 emails today just about this project and my phone has rang off the hook.  I will need a lot of help and that help is coming by the minute.  The next  two days I will be working on a name for this event and putting the project into an outline.  Once that happens with the help of others we will post the details, plan the committees, start the FB page and begin the stages for the launch of what I know will be an amazing opportunity to give back.

I want to bring music and art together in a way that has not been done before, I want to gain media coverage for a cause that will bring hope to those who are in need.  With this project I want to celebrate that Nashville is one of the most creative places to live, that we work together as if we were family, that we do what ever we can for those in need and most of all that we have love in our hearts for our people and our community.  I love this town more than I ever imagined I could and I know that this difficult time will only make our people and our city better and stronger.  Sending love and prayers to you all…stay tuned!

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.

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