My Aha Moment With Dating

I  have spent the past year ready to date, I have tried different avenues and I have to say I have found my journey so far pretty interesting. I have learned more about my self than I ever imagined because I thought dating was about others. I have seen many of my friends go through breakups, people I thought were truly meant to be together and it has shifted some of my belief in the reality of what we see in others versus truth. I have had deep conversations with both men and women about the process of dating, the kinds of dates out there and the journey to find what we are looking for in our search for love. I wanted to share what I am discovering and my hope is that you will contact me with your own insight after reading.

I am learning about the human condition, the desire to want and to be wanted, to love and to be loved, to trust and to be trusted. I believe over time as we age we become very set in our ways based on our life styles, our desires and our choices. I had an interesting conversation with someone recently who seems to have more confidence in himself than anyone I have ever met. He appears to have no fears of dating or with relationships. He spoke confidently about how easy it was to gain any woman’s interest and admitted to cheating on past lovers. He seems to always have beautiful women at his beaconing but when I look at him I see something missing, I don’t see him being truly happy. In my opinion he appears to act the part of being a “stud” but appears to fear getting too close to anyone.

I have to ask you men out there, is having any woman you desire really that great, do you not hope for more, is it fulfilling to just sleep around if there is no deep connection? I am sure there are women that should also be asked that question. Upon digging deeper I discovered that with my friends lifestyle of playing the field he had never actually experienced the heartbreak of someone cheating on him and no one had ever broke up with him. He was always in control in every relationship he had been in. In my own past journey I have been cheated on by almost every man I have dated and here before me was one of those guys, yet he had never been cheated on. Could it be that those who cheat have no idea of the pain they cause those whom they cheat on? I tried to image how it would feel to have never experienced what that act of betrayal feels like, how would I be different, my mindset, my actions, my choices.

I pondered that for weeks and wondered is that perhaps the way a player gets labeled? We all seem to have a different definition of what a “player” is. In my world a player is someone who leads someone into believing they are “the only one” while dating (or sleeping with) multiple people at the same time. They are truly playing the field with no desire to be in a committed relationship. Is a player a bad person, I don’t believe that is the case, I believe they are that way because they fear something when it comes to relationships. Can a player be honest? I think they can be honest in saying they are not looking for commitment but somewhere down the line they are being dishonest if they are not telling the truth with who they are spending their time with or where they are spending their time. The worst part of their dishonesty is that they are not allowing themselves to be loved or to love and that is, in my opinion what we as humans are supposed to experience. I won’t label this a man or woman thing because I am finding through my guy friends that there seem to be just as many women players as men.

In my conversations with men about the available women out there and is seems that many of those gal’s say they want desperately to be in a relationship but are playing the same games as the men. Partying every night and serial dating will likely not find you anything other than the same. Trying to find the right mix is hard but you have to know what you want before you can expect to find what you want. Making changes that are not always comfortable may lead to something more promising.

The biggest common thread in all my discussions on dating were that on the topic of cheating. So why do people feel the need to cheat? This applies to the dating scenario early on because you have to establish trust with the person you are getting to know. So are those who date just not honest people? Do we as humans have different beliefs as to what honesty and trust mean. After talking to so many people who have experienced being cheated on I started to think about what our society is putting out there in regards to morals. In my opinion cheating and lying go hand in hand, it is not only a moral thing but a selfish thing and that is where integrity comes into play.

My mom always told me treat others how you would want them to treat you. That has always stuck in my mind and it is how I have learned to live with integrity. I admit I am no angel, I have slipped outside the realms of integrity and honesty in my past but I can say in the last 3 years I have worked very hard to become a person I am, living with honesty and integrity frees up my insides so that I can deal more clearly with what is happening on the outside. It truly feels good to be in that space!

I recently visited Jason Aldean’s FB page after those pictures were put out there of him kissing all over a woman in a bar. I was amazed that most of the remarks were forgiving him because “we all make mistakes.” I think our society is starting to believe that and with that train of thought we are doomed with ever having true devotion and trust with someone, with fully giving our hearts or with love. True, we all do make mistakes but we shouldn’t just brush it under the rug and move on. An apology is not change, changing our behavior, understanding what truth is and how it feels to live with, that is change. Treating others the way we want to be treated is key. I am sure Jason would not feel so good if his wife had been caught in the same situation, and who knows maybe there is a lot more to their personal story. The point is, what has happened to our morals, to our desire to be honest loving people. I hate watching tv any more because everything out there is about cheating, dishonesty and anger. My friend Amy Venezia had a great post on flirting recently that also shows how our morals are changing referring to “the grass is greener on the other side…”

So our past, especially our childhood sets up the path to the people we become, the struggles we deal with and the places where change needs to take place in most cases. Being aware is the first step. It dawned on me that I may be dating those “not so truthful” kind of guys because I am not being truthful with myself about my own commitment issues. I was taught very early on in my life through people close to me that trust, commitment and love hurt. It was played out over and over and as I grew older I wouldn’t allow myself to give my heart fully to anyone because I always feared it would be hurt. The problem is, giving a little of your heart still hurts when someone betray’s you. Most times I would feel as if I was in control, stay in a relationship knowing it was wrong, the signs were there but I always questioned my own judgement more than the actions of the person betraying me. Over and over again I attracted the same kinds of men, gave just enough to be hurt and experienced the same pattern. I believe they were good people but not good “FOR” me.

Last week I had that aha moment when I caught myself making sharp, sarcastic remarks about my lack of belief in marriage and the idea that all men were the same to some friends. I was laying in bed that night and started feeling really embarrassed with what I had said, I felt the energy when those words left my mouth and those around me had nothing to add. I realized they did not feel the same and I was coming off as one of those wounded, angry broken hearted people. Well folks if the shoe fits you will wear it!

I began digging deeper into my own crap and realized how perfect “players or bad boys” are for me, they don’t want commitment so they do what they do. I date them because I fear anyone who shows me too much attention, who isn’t a challenge or who might make me commit. That “game” of keeping them interested knowing they won’t commit is no different than them keeping me interested yet wanting to be with others because nothing is holding their interest fully. Wow, in that moment I realized what a turd I was being, how can I find a good relationship without realizing my own commitment issues. I definitely won’t attract that into my life. Yes I truly believe we attract, whether consciously or unconsciously what we are putting out there and folks my banter was creating exactly what I was supposed to have!

So with my dating experience so far I have discovered women are just as scared of commitment as men often seem to be. People cheat because they are not whole inside and until they discover and repair what lies on the inside they will not be able to find or make healthy choices on the outside. We all need to feel a spark, it may not always be the personality, it might just not be the right energy. There has to be intrigue, compatibility or something that creates chemistry. Just because someone is hot as hell doesn’t mean it will make for great chemistry, it might in the beginning but that will go away quickly over time.

We are all searching for something but we have to be in tune with our hearts, with our emotions and with our choices to figure out what we really want. Life is a lesson and dating is a huge part of finding one of the many links to wholeness. As I said earlier, I am learning. Just because I have had some aha moments doesn’t mean my choices will change right away or that I will attract the right one for me right away. I still have work to do, I have to start by changing my vocabulary. My negative banter is a defense mechanism because I don’t want to be hurt. It is tough talk yet I know I am as fragile as a baby on the inside.

I know that right now, by admitting out loud that I do want to find love, that I want to be in a relationship and that I am not opposed to marriage that is my new beginning. I want a healthy relationship. I want to be aware of what I am offering, not just expecting the other person to give me what I want. I want to be the best person I can be for that person who will someday be in my life. I know relationships need to be worked through in tough times and that communication is key. I want to be sure the person in my life is deserving of me, that they believe in honesty and that they live with integrity. I know that in a relationship each person will to give and take. They should be proud of who they are with, comfortable being themselves around each other and share not only what they want with their partner but also their fears. The person I am with has to love himself first or I can’t expect him to be able to love me. I had to discover that in myself and I get it.

We all have the ability to attract a mate whom we desire but there is so much more to actually dating someone and having a healthy relationship. We must know what we want and believe, believe we deserve it and not settle for anything less! I have my list of what I am looking for, I know what I want, I have to remind myself to not settle and to keep my emotions in line with my gut. I know my awareness has to help me in the future as long as I continue to love myself. I may get my heart broken again but at least Im willing to open my heart up enough to feel love and that is part of being alive.

We have all been through different phases with relationships in life, our inner belief system does mirror what we often receive externally. If we don’t respect or love ourselves and believe we deserve goodness we may attract something much less. That learning process seems to get better over time and we need to be kind and patient. I am creating a new mindset for myself as I head into the next 40+ years, this time with a better understanding of how I think and what it feels like to operate with internal love. My goal is to be the absolute best I can be, for myself and toward others. With this new knowledge I believe I will attract much better companions in the future and have healthier relationships because of what I am learning.

Thank you for reading, I hope to hear from you. Sending love….pass it on!

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.


  • Amy

    This is an amazing post, Sheri. Truly full of wisdom and amazing insights. I hope both men and women will take time to read it. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful heart and mind…thanks for sharing!

  • Bruce Stanley

    What amazing insight. I’m inspired by your honesty and commitment to being true to yourself and your hopes. After two failed marriages I’m wondering myself a lot lately about these same things. I’ll be 47 next week and it’s a scary thing that I still may not know what I want OR what someone wants from me. I guess I’ll start with being honest.

    • Thinking Diva

      Thank you Bruce I so appreciate your comment and knowing someone is reading. Blogging is my therapy and my way of giving back through my mistakes in hopes that someone will connect and see that we are not alone, we are struggling with the same things and are all connected. I hate how I am feeling right now but in time it will pass…

  • May

    I love wat you wrote about commitment and has really spoken to me. I’ve barely been in a stable relationship all my 25yrs mainly because of fear and not knowing what i want. But this helped,a whole lot,it did.thanks.

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