Resolutions and Realizations….

2009, it is finally here, thank God!  I have set the resolutions in motion and so far I am doing pretty good.  Like so many others, on the top of the list is to get healthy, eat better and lose some weight.  I have always been one to work out regularly so that is not a problem area for me but the eating healthy is another thing.  I have stepped up the cardio a bit, changed the weight training regiment and cleaned out the fridge and pantry of the bad stuff and replaced it with good, healthy food (ok there are still a few bad things in there but I am feeling strong).  The first few days were pretty easy but now I am starting to crave some of the really bad foods that I had no problem eating when I was in my 20’s.  I confess pizza and wings, especially during football season are my toughest things to give up.

Other things on the list for this year include working harder on marketing, spending more time creating art, being more patient with life and other things, being grateful every single day-even on the bad ones, learning to trust again and getting back into the dating game (that will take a bit longer), getting outdoors more this summer, blah, blah, blah.  The bottom line is being a better person, giving something back and feeling good about who I am.

So with all that here are a few things I have realized coming into the new year….

  • if you are trying to cut back on coffee don’t meet a friend at a coffee shop
  • if you are feeling weak with bad food urges don’t watch the food or travel network…especially the man vs. food show
  • eating more protein makes you toot..or is that all the fresh veggies?
  • soy milk is actually not that bad but tofu sucks, and so do those veggie burgers, but if you like them I have a whole box from costco you are welcome to have
  • I heard on some radio show the other day that cucumbers lift a woman’s libido…to hell with the cucumbers try being single and not dating for 10 months ( I will address this in the next blog…)
  • don’t go to a mexican restaurant if you don’t want to eat the chips or drink margaritas…at least not if you are weak like me in those areas
  • never, ever put message oil on your skin right after a bath…trust me on this one
  • if I were truly a starving artist I would be able to fit into those skinny jeans…you know the ones we all have in the closet
  • those who say sex is over rated have obviously never had great sex
  • one wrong letter in a word when sending a text on an iphone can really change the entire meaning of what you are trying to say…example you ask: “this exercise bike is licking my ass” when what I meant to say was “this exercise bike is kicking my ass,” keep laughing Amy!
  • puppies like to chew things…that includes dirty underwear so be sure to keep them out of reach
  • I enjoy being behind the camera not in front of it
  • it is really hard to work out with a puppy in the room (but easy to laugh)
  • the movie “The Notebook” will make you cry every time you watch it, and when you’ve been single for a long time any romance will make you cry
  • wine tasting = wino’s….most of the time
  • there is no such thing as portion control when you pop a bag of microwave popcorn  at home by yourself
  • if a dog barfs you have approximately 11 seconds to take care of it or he will do it for you
  • wrinkles really suck and no cream seems to help…but drinking a few glasses of wine before looking in the mirror does seem to make the person looking back at you better looking
  • no matter how many years fall between you and your divorce, there are times you still breakdown, weather it’s the memories of the good times, the bad or just the reality that you made a vow under God for life and failed.
  • those new Braun electric toothbrushes ROCK!!
  • irritation sets in quick when the remote doesn’t work
  • I don’t care what anyone say’s…COLD weather sucks!  I would rather be sitting in a hammock in the sun reading a book than sitting in my bed with 3 layers of clothes trying to stay warm…NES hiking the fuel cost on my electric bill hasn’t helped things!
  • puppy breath soon turns into poopy breath
  • in a split second your life as you know it can change into something you never thought before, be grateful for what you have, cherish every minute, love everyone and believe that there is still lot of good around you…without a positive outlook, even through the darkness, we don’t have a prayer finding happiness.  With it we can live our dreams, I truly believe that!

So puppy is not much of a puppy any longer….you would think with the size of those ears he would hear the word NO!!

My new buddy...Deisel

That’s all for now but please share your realizations, I am sure you have a few!

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.

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