Something has shifted, making the change, passing it on…tag your it!

Something has shifted…it is too soon to discuss this in detail but it is amazing when my mind wonders to this place in the moment which is most every moment, maybe every 7 seconds.  I made a list twice over the past year and a half filled with things I was hoping to have come into my life.  It was detailed, it was for the purpose of putting the list into action never knowing if I would at a later date be able to mark down and see the list getting smaller.  These things make my heart flutter, they bring love into my world, make me laugh and fill a void that has been empty for so long.  This year of searching has opened up new things for me, new possibilities, new opportunities and my heart is full of love and admiration-life is really good.

This year my family has experienced some difficult times and a death, this month I have experienced my Dad’s new life of marriage and this week my family has experienced a new life come into the world.  It fascinates me that in a moment your world can change so drastically for the worst and for the better.  It reminds me that we have so little time and yet so many of us waste it on the wrong things.  I have let go of my past, I have let go of judgment and I am moving forward but with the understanding that TODAY is most important.  I have found that the more grateful and loving I am the more love and gratitude comes back into my life.  Things are not perfect, I could use more work, I need to lose those extra pounds and wish I had the time and money to experience life to a higher degree.  With that my list of things that make me happy is far greater and that is how I know I am finally on the right path in this short life.  I realize that time will move forward and there will be low points but they are always followed by high ones if I choose to see with open eyes and a positive mind.  I am grateful for all that I have and for those who are in my life.

I cant change the world but I can pass on love and I am hoping in all that you are struggling with you will take a moment and really look hard at all the wonderful things you DO have.  Realize that change for the better happens by taking baby steps.  One by one each of us can make a difference by simply loving, being grateful and passing it on so now its your turn, tag your it!

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.


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