"The Law of Attraction," the pondering of what I want and taking action…

For the past 2 weeks I have been working with some of my girl friends on life by changing how I think.  We are collaboratively coaching each other through a combination of ideas surrounding the law of attraction principles and metaphysics.  We are all working on ourselves by changing the way we think about things, using positive affirmations and playing a game called the “Prosperity Game”!  We check in with each other daily and keep each others spirit and focus up in the process.  I have been working through many of these principles for the past 10 years alone and often loose myself, fall back into life and find myself months later feeling defeated and lost.  Sort of like an addict wanting a clean way of life so bad, seeing the results when the principles are applied, knowing it is what is best for a quality life but being sucked back into a comfortable place of unhappy numbness.  Just like an addict it is because we allow our thoughts to take over our actions by letting old defying thoughts run on auto pilot…mainly because it is easier to be numb than to go through the uncomfort of trying to think differently.  Like an addict I believe for most it works best to share the transformation together with others rather than try to go it alone.  What I am finding is that the principles are so simple yet sometimes so painful to carry through with because they require focus…constantly.  For me this is a challenge, a BIG challenge.

For as long as I can remember I have been one of those people who is full of energy, naturally, never needing caffeine or sugar but often allowing it because I enjoy it.  Caffeine really doesn’t affect me like it does most, sugar….well that is another story.  I am one of those people who sometimes goes through periods of excitement over a project, a man, a job or what ever it may be, to the extent of only needing 4-5 hours of sleep a day.  I am almost always always raring to go, always high strung and actually having to self talk my way into calmness (many times because I don’t want to scare those around me).  I have gained better control with age and perhaps some of that energy dissipates with age and I can say as a child I might have been perceived as hyper and annoying.

I have come to realize that focus is something that comes with quiet time.  Positive thinking comes from focus and all of this happens when we remove some of the negative stimulus of everyday life…the biggest being busyness!  When we are amped up going 100 miles an hour there is no way we can collectively focus because thoughts need to be felt and if they are processed in a nanosecond and on to the next there is no time to feel….get the picture.  I believe that the problem with our world right now is we have no true focus, we are all multi tasking and at a ridiculous rate, we have so much stimulus around us with cell phones, text, tv, traffic and so on that we cant generate a truly clear thought long enough to have a mental picture.  With out the picture the thought disappears and on the the next.  The reason affirmations are helpful is that they are positive thoughts that make us think about what the words mean collectively, they are thoughts that we put together that appeal to ourselves individually and often are put together to tackle something we are struggling with in our lives or something we want or want to change really badly.

The thing I love about metaphysics is that it explains how all of these thoughts create a form of energy.  The good and the bad.  I am still learning and have a long way to go but I do get the idea that positive people have a different energy than those who complain.  I am realizing for years I was in a marriage that was so negative that my positive state of mind slowly deteriorated to a point that I began to drain other people.  I became so negative over time that I began to attract those with similar energy into my life.  Now with all of this coaching from my GF’s, with the excitement of the positive thoughts, with the possibilities I can create for myself by simply thinking them up I am energized and I am seeing people with similar energy show up in my life.  So many little things are popping up in my life and each one, because I have stopped long enough to focus, is exciting to me.

As many of you know if you have read this far I am never at a loss of words.  For the sake of not loosing your attention I will try to save the excitement and sharing for later but I want to give you a few things to ponder by applying these questions to yourselves.  Two things that came up for me this week that are so simple yet so over looked.  Things that I always think about but never seem to focus on long enough to get a clear picture in my mind.  The first is “What is it that I want?”  What I mean is what is it that I want my life to look like?  What is it that makes me happy….if I were to break it down and simplify it into one sentence using 3 descriptive and positive words what would it be?  After I get my words I can break it down and relate actual things to create a formula to get what I want.  I cant just say this out loud I need to think about it, to visualize it, if I could have anything in the world (in regards to my life and how I want it to look ) what would it be?  I want to be inspiring, loving and happy.

Secondly I need to take action.  Just thinking does nothing and I am great at just sitting around thinking.  I am paralyzed at times when it comes to taking action.  My first form of action, other than focusing on my affirmations and being grateful is to remove the news from my day.  I studied journalism and have to admit I am a total news junkie.  I am sure this sounds silly to many of you and many of you probably don’ t even watch the news but for me this is a tough one.  I have gone for 4 days now without watching CNN, it is like taking someone’s coffee away who thinks they need it everyday just to function.  I have to say I actually feel happier, I don’t have that weight of all things bad and negative adding to my thoughts….that is energy and energy is what all of this is about.  This leads into a ton of other things that many will question like how can I turn my back on the world, what about those less fortunate you need to be aware of these things because that is real life, blah, blah, blah.  I have to start with me….once I am healthy I can help others.  So now it is your turn, ponder this.  What do YOU want?  Really think about this and try to get atleast one thing written down to get you started.  Next…take action, do something that will bring you closer to having that one thing, to create that one thing in your life  I can assure you that if you are thinking, focusing and being positive that one thing will start to show up.  Its all about baby steps, learning to live again and being happy.  Until next time…….

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.


  • Nathan Fleming

    I’m astounded at how frequently this topic keeps coming up lately. Especially among newer acquaintances of mine and people to whom I have not historically been all that close.

    Interestingly, I have recently entered a similar process as the one you outline in this post. Self-discovery is a pretty powerful thing. And, highly unavoidable if you seek to reach a higher level of consciousness, get centered, and find some balance somewhere in the middle of this harried existence we’ve created for ourselves.

    The fact that I’m here, now, is a testament to the notion that if you send it out, it will come back. How much more evidence do we need before everyone just accepts that we are all part of a big cosmic feedback loop? And starts acting accordingly?

    Bless you for taking the existential bull by the horns.

    Great post, Diva!

    I’ll be back.

  • Ed

    Let me know when you open the group up beyond women. I could use a strong dose of what your serving. I thought you were describing my life (except for the marriage part) I think it must come from the tortured artist syndrome. I joke, but I think it is exactly what a lot of us need, including me! You go girl!

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