The Nashville Music Scene and the choices we make…

Tonight I was once again reminded of how cool it is to live in Nashville and why I love it so much.  I often remove myself from the masses and get lost in my own little creative world but because of my diverse friend base I often find myself re-aquainted with the thing that attracted me to this city in the first place….MUSIC.  It is everywhere, of all genres, any night of the week in almost any corner of town, almost always free or cheap and it is awesome.  Tonight was no exception…a client Jay Oshay, her husband and their band played their standing Wednesday night gig and as things always tend to happen their friends from the group “Emerson Drive” just happened to stop by and join in for a jam session.  It happens all the time here and the jam fest that ensue are always proven to satisfy, an absolutely amazing show!  Nashville has a way of making those who do not have a fierce drive for a music career end up choosing something easier and less painful.  Never before have I witnessed so much musical talent as I have in this town, something that makes you see how bad you suck within minutes upon arriving even if you were the talk of the town where you came from.  You have to have thick skin, a life time of determination and the ability to handle years of struggle and rejection to endure the musical path of notoriety.  There are 50 other people just as good as you or better waiting in line.  Where I am now as a photographer makes it that much sweeter seeing people I have photographed, admired and followed make their dream reality…one year at a time.

So as I sat there loving the show I began to realize how much I myself miss working on music.  The passion is always there lying just under the surface.  Over the years I have found myself dodging the urge, often putting it into submission until I get back out and listen to others.  Once I am engaged I am reminded of why it has always been so important to me, how it makes me feel especially when someone hears a song, relates and makes it their own.  I realize that I don’t get out like I used to and the winter makes it harder for me.  Being from Florida I catch myself almost hibernating at home in a domestic array of busyness nestled in the comfort of my warm house on the hill.  Although I have never really wanted a career in music my love for the creative process is a true passion and is felt deep within.  It is another reason why it is more difficult to find people to work with here, most everyone is trying to get a deal, working with so many other people and going a hundred miles a minute.  I have always wanted it to be more like hanging out, letting the ideas evolve and watching the creativity of two join together.  Nashville music is all about the session, the time it takes to have a productive encounter and then off until the next time.  When you are not seeking a music career it is hard to find someone you are comfortable writing with who has the passion but isn’t worried about how to pay the bills.  So with that I will once again put the urge off….or maybe I will pick up that guitar and play a little, it has been a while!

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.

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