WARNING: DEEP THOUGHTS…only those of a positive mind should read!!!!!

Sitting in silence tonight it has come to my attention that perhaps as an artist I am only supposed to focus on that which makes me happy now and to take action so that I am not stuck.  This must be so because I will then have a force that moves me in a forward motion rather than sitting still.  I know that worrying about the present and re-living the past does nothing for me and is not healthy in mind.  If the only thing I focus on in the present is what makes me happy and that I believe the happiness comes from purpose, I must take each day as it comes.  With that in mind perhaps when I am old…and I know I WILL be before I pass, it is my past that will be the most beautiful thing I will see before me.  As life teaches me to see, to feel and to learn I know that when I am no longer able to move my body, when I am no longer able to do the things that bring me joy, when I no longer have those I loved who lived before me to share my past…it is at that time in my life that all I have done will live in my mind as memories and THAT will bring joy.  It is at that time before I go knowing that I did all I could do with no regret and in order to give of myself and to myself, in those last moments before my breath weakens and is no longer a part of me….I truly believe that life will make sense.

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration. Sharing my life experiences both good and bad in hopes of being a positive inspiration to others.


  • svensk

    if it wasn’t for your warning at the top, that would almost be scary, but the positive comment shows that you are looking forward which is good, but though the past is painful at time, those pains and pleasures are what builds the foundations of today’s beauty, as is shown from the pain that created so many of the moving songs you have writen… maybe too much rambling there but ultimately you make you and all that makes you is what makes your art; sad, happy, discomfort, it all adds to your greatness

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